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TEDDY TAIL ANNUALS from 1956-1960 and the later Teddy Tail Fun Book.

It seemed sensible to try and establish the order of publication of the post war Teddy Tail Annuals which weren't dated. To do so they were studied for clues, and Donnatilla who contributed illustrations and others were asked.

Clues that were used:

a) Changes to the number of pages;

b) Style of script for “ Daily Mail”;

c) Changes in price of book and verification of price from another source, where price given;

d) Other artists involved- or lack of them;

e) Glenn's family history (cars in the family that appear in the annuals-Madeleine the vintage Morris, 2 London taxis, the Daimler borrowed then bought from the cartoonist Illingworth in 1958- the family's cottage in Gloucestershire that became Mrs Whisker's home...)

Unfortunately although we have W.St J Glenn's diaries for 1954 and 1955 there is a gap until 1962, although there are some letters.
Another tool is to look at the black and white pictures in the newspaper and see the dates these were published to get some idea of sequence, as some stories appeared also in the annuals in colour.

This seems to be the right order.

Christmas 1956.

 Teddy is holding a balloon with Piggy and Tottie Bear at a party. The background is orange. There are 97 pages. “Daily Mail” is written in Gothic Script” as on newspaper. There is no price of book seen.
The front cover has a little girl bear wearing a pretty dress that is mentioned in Glenn's diary of 1955. This same character appears on the inside end covers. She is a new character. In June 1961, in a letter to Associated Newspapers Ltd, Glenn lists the secondary characters he had created for Teddy Tail. They included the Bear Family (Mr Bear, a grocer (page 8);Mrs Bear; Bobby Bear and Mini little Bear, a toddler.)
This annual also features the Whiskertown Flier/Flyer-a veteran railway loco. created by Glenn for Whiskertown (page 84...) and Dr Beetle's vintage car on page 8 and Daniel the Spaniel(page 29).
(There is no sign of the Gloucestershire countryside as background.)

Binkie illustrated page 36 “Teddy Tail's Silhouettes.”

Donnatilla's illustrations are found on these pages:
P 34: And what do YOU think ?
P67: When I'm doing Homework.
P73: Birthdays for all my Friends.
P81: Easter Eggs.
P82: When I go to School.

Teddy Tail Annual 1956 Front Cover Teddy Tail Annual 1956 Rear Cover

Teddy Tail Annual 1956

Christmas 1957.
 Teddy is holding a large umbrella. He is with his friends on skates. The background is yellow. There are 97 pages. “Daily Mail” is written in Gothic Script. It has a price on inside showing it cost 6/6d.

The flyleaf of the Daily Mail’s “Girls’ Annual” says of the Blue Spot Annual “ A new and delightfully illustrated Annual…Rumpelstiltskin…7/6 “ and lower down the flyleaf it says: ”Daily Mail Teddy Tail Annual. This beautifully-produced Annual….”6/6 . The first Blue Spot Annual, with a story about Rumpelstiltskin, was published in 1957.

Binkie: P34. A breakfast Surprise
P35.Whiskertown Flower Show
P43. Christmas Eve in Whiskertown.

Donnatilla:P27.Buying Sweeties.
P36. I love Bathtime
P71. When I'm a Grown up Lady.
P81. Fireworks Night.
P89. Dolly's Washing Day.
P96. My New Wellingtons.

Teddy Tail Annual 1957   Teddy Tail Annual 1957 Rear Cover
Teddy Tail Annual 1957


Christmas 1958
 Teddy is driving a tractor in the snow and his friends are nearby. The cover is signed on the back. The background is yellow. There are 81 pages. The cost is printed inside as 7/6d, The “Daily Mail” is in Gothic Script.
The flyleaf for the Blue Spot Annual published in 1958 gives the cost of the Teddy Tail Annual, and the price is printed inside the annual as 7/6d . The numbering on the first story suggests it was in the newspaper. It's called “One Good Turn” and is about making “go carts”. This theme of go carts is on the cover of the next Teddy Tail Annual with bubble blowing as well.
W. St J. Glenn says in 1961 when negotiating with the Daily Mail:” Mrs Whisker's cottage I modelled from a real one in Gloucestershire, replacing something vague.” This is the first annual to show influences of Gloucestershire which slowly grew in the background and that Glenn first visited on holiday in 1957.
There is a numbered story called “Whiskertown Flyer”about competition between a train and a cheaper coach. The train, in a more elaborate style features on the cover of the later Fun Book.

Binkie illustrated a poem on page 24 “Dressing up the Christmas Tree” and a piece on page 36.

Donnatilla illustrated two poems and four other pages:
P 25 The Little Lane I know.”
P:35 Bo-Peep has lost a lot of things.
P 38-39. A better way to use your paints.
P40. Make this the Best Picture You have ever painted. (It's based on Haworth which she visited in Easter 1957.)
P60 Doing Things. “ How many Birds are there to Breakfast?”
P65 Poem “IF Daddy was a Cowboy.”

Teddy Tail Annual 1958 Teddy Tail Annual 1958 Rear Cover

Teddy Tail Annual 1958